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Hi Everybody! 

Welcome to our new Four Plus blog! Our small but quickly growing team here at Four Plus is eager to share thoughts and observations among our customers about eating smart while maintaining an active lifestyle.  We also hope to share insights about healthy ingredients, and of course, anything that relates to our mission: making granola for anybody who wants a healthy snack! 

You probably know the story by now… Cordy first began making granola for her very active family, and her sons Nate and Will needed a healthy snack to fuel their workouts as they were training to enter the Senior U.S. National Rowing program.  The boys wondered if their mother could make a simple, low sugar granola that actually tasted good.   

Well, Cordy loves to bake, and over the years she has learned that sometimes the best recipes are the simplest ones, especially if you want to make something healthy.  Cordy went to the cupboard and started working with just four ingredients – whole grain rolled oats, natural canola oil, honey, and maple syrup.  Plus she added wholesome nuts – almonds, pecans and walnuts… and everybody loved it! 

Hesitant at first, Cordy was finally convinced by family and friends and others in the rowing community that she had created a granola that really was better than anything else they had tasted.  So she and her sons launched the business, naming it after those Four healthy ingredients Plus the nuts, dried fruits, and other natural flavors she added to create a line of simple, light granolas that are low in sugar, that taste fresh and natural – granola the way you like it! 

We invite you to follow along with us as we continue to add to this story of a family business that is touching more and more lives with its small batch, hand-baked granola. 

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or just have a thought you would like to add to the discussion. And if you really like one of the posts, please share it with your friends. 

Thanks for reading and we look forward to talking with you! 

The Entire Kelly’s Four Plus Team 



  • Do you have any cookie recipes (or squares) that use your granola? If so, please share!

    Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
  • Cody and LuAnn, sorry for just seeing these! Thank you for your comments and hope you enjoy the content we are putting together thus far.

    Cody, the name “Four Plus” comes from our Four base ingredients (whole grain rolled oats, non-GMO expeller pressed canola oil, honey and maple syrup), Plus a few extras like nuts or dried fruits to make our 6 varieties. 4+ is also a type of rowing shell, which is the sport two of our co-founders are strong participants of, and the “joke” is that Cordy has FOUR kinds PLUS a husband…!!

    Nate Kelly
  • I concur wholeheartedly with Ms. Briggs’s comment. Four Plus Granola is supreme and is a main staple of my diet.
    (I am curious to know what is behind the name “Four Plus”.)
    –Cody Franchetti

    Cody Franchetti
  • Your granola is the absolute best I have ever had! I will not buy any other kind now. I really have to ration myself or I will consume a whole bag in 1 day! I love it in yogurt and recently decided it was great on ice cream too! Thank you for such a great healthy product. It is the BEST!

    LuAnn Briggs

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