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Welcome to Kelly's Four Plus!

People tell us that Kelly's Four Plustm is hands down the best granola they have ever tasted.  They describe it as fresh, light, not too dry and crunchy, not too sweet - not processed.  There are many other granola products out there, but try ours.

Order some now, and discover why people love the healthy taste of our small batch, all natural, hand baked granola.  "Eat it for you health.  Love it for the taste!"

We are a family business founded by Cordy Gould Kelly and her two sons, Nate and Will.

When Cordy first started making granola, she found through trial and error that there were a few things she could do to make hers better.  Start with quality ingredients, of course – but by getting the blend of ingredients and proportions just right, Cordy found that she could make granola that was not too dry and crunchy, not too sweet, and not overwhelmed with too many flavors.  She also learned a few tricks about just the right batch sizes, carefully controlled oven temperatures, variations in the cooking times, when and how to add in certain flavors… and a few other secrets.  Sounds simple, but there really is more to it than you think!

Would you like to sell our products in your store?  Want to help us sell and distribute?  Maybe you just want to tell us what you like about our granola.  Send us an email at or contact Nate directly at

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