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Cordy Gould Kelly

Cordy Gould Kelly is the mother of Nate, Will, Charlie and Eleanor. Cordy grew up in Denver and she and her husband John raised their children in New Canaan, CT, where they still live. After attending Williams College and the Yale School of Management, Cordy worked in the financial industry for four years before starting her family. Over the past 25 years, Cordy has been a leader in a variety of volunteer community service, education, and non-profit organizations.

Cordy loves to bake!  When she’s not making granola, she is still in the kitchen cooking up other creations for her family and friends. 

Nate Kelly

Nate graduated from Trinity College in 2010, where he majored in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. He was a junior national champion rower in high school, captain of his college crew, and rowed on the US National U-23 team.  After graduating, Nate returned to Maritime Rowing Club in Norwalk, CT to coach New Canaan High School Crew while pursuing his own goals to continue rowing competitively.

Nate focuses on marketing and sales.  He enjoys the face-to-face interactions at the markets when selling Four Plustm to grocers and customers. And though not a true chef in the kitchen, Nate loves baking granola with his mom. 

Will Kelly

Will is one of the co-founders of Kelly's Four Plustm but he has moved on to a role with another major company in the food industry.  He was a key architect of many of the practices that enable us to produce a lot of granola while sticking to Cordy's home-made techniques that make our product so distinctive.  And he set up the supply chain that helps us source the natural ingredients that are essential to our product quality.  We miss his day-to-day presence but he left us in very good shape to carry on!

Will also graduated from Trinity College, in 2011, and also majored in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations.  Will was a junior national champion rower, captain of his college crew, and rowed on two US National teams as a junior and U-23.  After graduating, Will was initially focused on training for the senior national team but with the launch of Four Plustm decided to focus on building the family business.  

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